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Writing Histories: Imagination and Narration



We have many people to thank. Those who helped this book come about include, first, our contributors, who have been a pleasure to work with and who gave freely of their time to the Visiting Scholars Program at the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research at the Australian National University in April 1999.

We also thank the students in that program for their enthusiasm, commitment and thoughtful feedback. They were: Michael Adams, Bernie Brian, Alison Cadzow, Sumedha Dhani, Ruth Lane, Chris Lefler, Damian Lucas, Kirsten Mackay, Sue Hardisty, Minoru Hokari, Jill Rundle, Ann Standish, Bill Wilson and Charles Zuber. We also wish to thank Michael Adams, Bernie Brian, Sue Hardisty, Ann Standish and Bill Wilson for permission to quote them. Thanks are also due to the students we have separately taught in other ‘Writing History’ classes, at the Australian National University, the University of New South Wales and the University of Technology, Sydney.

We thank the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research for funding the Program; the Department of History, ANU, for subsidising the publication of the book; the Humanities Research Centre, ANU, for provision of its excellent facilities; and Bain Attwood and Wendy Perkins at Monash Publications in History for support in the publishing process.

Others we wish to thank include Kate McCarthy for research and editorial assistance, John Docker for assistance in developing some of the ‘Writing History’ courses upon which this one was based, and Anne-Maree O’Brien for administrative support at the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research. For their contributions to the Visiting Scholars Program, we warmly thank the following: Robyne Bancroft, Roger Benjamin, Iain Mc-Calman, the late Dymphna Clark, Claire Haywood, Marian Quartly, Paul Tapsell, Burgmann College, ANU, Environment ACT, and Nancy Sever, Director of the Drill Hall Gallery at the ANU. We thank Mandy Martin for permission to reproduce a detail from one of her paintings for the cover of this book.

We also wish to thank Bain Attwood, Marie Pernat, Jo Bramble, James Cannon, Sarah Cannon, Kathy Lothian and Joanne Mullins for the work they did to ensure the publication of the new edition of this book.

Writing Histories: Imagination and Narration

   by Ann Curthoys and Ann Mcgrath