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What Matters?



ABC orchestras xxx

Abbott, Tony 87

Adelaide Festival of Ideas (AFOI) 6475

Adelaide Festival of the Arts xxvi, 3233, 38, 63, 67

Adelaide University Theatre Guild (AUTG) 33

Adelaide Writers’ Week see Adelaide

Festival of the Arts

Algorithms see metadata

Amazon 45, 47, 5152

Apple 45, 47, 87

‘Assistance to the Performing Arts’ xxxi– xxxii, xxxiv

Arnold, Matthew 911, 84

Culture and Anarchy 9

Art Gallery of South Australia, The 16

AusStage 36n, 39n

AustLit 4950, 54

Australia Council of the Arts, The xi, xviii, xxxxii, xxx, xxxiiixxxiv, 8687, 138140

See also Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust, The

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) viiiix, xvixvii, xxxxi

Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust, The xxx, xxxiii

See also Australia Council of the Arts, The

Australian Major Performing Arts

Group (AMPAG) 59

‘Australians’ Attitudes to the Arts’ xxxi– xxxii


Balnaves, Neil xxiii

Barnett, Tully

‘Counting Culture to Death’ 121n

‘Senate Inquiry into Arts Funding: Testimony and Truth in South Australia’ xxiin1

‘Social Reading’ 52n

‘The Conferral of Cultural Value’ xxviiin

Becker, Howard

Art Worlds 3

Beer, David

Metric Power viiin

Social Power of Algorithms, The 46, 58

Belgiorno-Nettis, Luca xixxx

Bendigo Art Gallery 43

Berlin, Isaiah

Russian Thinkers 29

Big data see data

Bishop, Julie xix

Blue Poles 14, 136

Boyd, Brian

On the Origin of Stories 28n1

Brandis, George xi, xviiixxvi, 51, 8687, 135, 137, 140141

Brett, Judith

The Australian Liberals and the Moral Middle Class 67

Brown, Curtis 34

Button, James 90

Speechless 90


Cambridge Analytica 44, 51

Catalyst xxiv

See also National Program for Excellence in the Arts (NPEA)

Charlie Hebdo killings 1920

Christensen, Clayton

The Innovator’s Dilemma 44

Collini, Stefan

Speaking of Universities viiin1, 71

Commonwealth Literary Fund, The xxx, xxxiii

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial

Research Organisation (CSIRO) 89

Coombs, H.C. ‘Nugget’ xxxiv

Council for Economic Development (CEDA) 86, 88, 91

Cultural subsidy in Australia xxxxxxiv

Creative Australia ixn, xviii, xxi, xxii, xxxiv

Creative Nation xxi, xxxii, xxxiv


Darnton, Robert

The Great Cat Massacre and Other Episodes in French Cultural History



Big xxix, 4, 4243, 4849, 5556, 58, 88

Meta 4751, 5556

Open 56

Davies, William

Limits of Neoliberalism, The 18n

Drezner, David 74

Ideas Industry, The 7072

Dunstan, Don xxix

Dutton, Denis

Art Instinct, The 28n1

Dutton, Geoffrey 3233


Eccles, Robert

One Report 114, 118

Eltham, Ben

When the Goalposts Move xxivxxv

Erdélyi, Peter

The Prince and the Wolf 19n1


Facebook 4445, 58, 116

Fifield, Mitch xxiv, 8788

Florida, Richard

The New Urban Crisis xiin

Fraser, Malcolm xxxi

Free the Arts xxiii, xxv


‘Gig economy’ 57

Gillard, Julia xviii, xxxiv

Gleeson–White, Jane 110111

Double Entry 1415

Six Capitals viiin2, 1418, 110111

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 15, 111123, 143148

Goodall, Peter

High Culture, Popular Culture 11n

Google 45, 5155, 58

Google Arts and Culture Institute (GACI) 5354

Grybowski, Tony xxi

‘Guthrie Report’ xxxiii


Hall, Stuart 11

Haraway, Donna

Staying with the Trouble 135

Harman, Graham

The Prince and the Wolf 19n1

Harris, Frank 37

Hoggart, Richard 11

Howard, John xxi, xxxiv

Hughes, Robert

Culture of Complaint 6

Hutter, Michael

Beyond Price 14n1


Integrated Reporting (<IR>) 15, 108, 111114, 118123, 145148


Johnson, Mark

Metaphors We Live By 5


Kahneman, Daniel

Thinking, Fast and Slow 24, 9697, 105

Keating, Paul xxi, xxxii, xxxiv

Kindle 5152

Krzus, Michael

One Report 114, 118


Laboratory Adelaide ix, xi, xiv, xviii, xxvi, xxviiixxix, 19, 42, 48, 59, 63, 91, 93, 108, 110111, 121, 126, 134135

Lakoff, George

Metaphors We Live By 5

Latour, Bruno

The Prince and the Wolf 19

Leak, Bill 95

Leavis, FR 8n2, 1011


‘McLeay Report’ (‘Patronage, Power and the Muse’) xxxiv

McMaster, Brian

Supporting Excellence in the Arts xvi– xvii, xviin

Maltby, Richard

‘Counting Culture to Death’ 121n

‘The Mocking of the Modern Mind’ 20n1

Marr, David 32

‘So Much of Our Life in It’ 33

Mason, Paul

Postcapitalism 18n, 132n

Medlin, Harry 33

Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC) 33

See also Union Theatre Repertory

Company (UTRC)

Metadata See data

Meyrick, Julian

‘Assemblage of Convenience: National Cultural Policy-making 101xviiin

‘Counting Culture to Death’ 121n

‘Senate Inquiry into Arts Funding: Testimony and Truth in South Australia’ xxiin1

‘The Conferral of Cultural Value’ xxviiin

‘The House Loses’ xxiin

‘The Mocking of the Modern Mind’ 20n1

Microsoft 51, 53

Miélvelle, China

The City and the City 94, 98

Modernist drama 35, 3839

Monash University 89

Monbiot, George 17, 20

Muller, Jerry Z.

The Tyranny of Metrics viiin1

Munslow, Aron

Narrative and History 38

Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) 105106

Myer, Rupert xxi, 8788


National Gallery of Australia xxii, 136

National Museum xxii

National Portrait Gallery xxii

National Program for Excellence in the Arts (NPEA) xxixxvi, 86, 137, 139140

See also Catalyst

Netflix 4546, 49, 98

‘New Wave’ theatre 37

Noble, Safiya Umoja

Algorithms of Oppression 57

‘Nugent Report’ (‘Securing the Future’) xxxiv


Old Tote Theatre, The 37

See also Sydney Theatre Company

O’Neil, Cathy

Weapons of Math Destruction viiin1, 4n, 48n1

Open data see data


Pannuci, Frank xxi

Pascal, Geraldine 37

Phiddian, Robert 64

‘Counting Culture to Death’ 121n

‘The Conferral of Cultural Value’ xxviiin

‘The Mocking of the Modern Mind’ 20n1

Pirandello, Luigi

Right You Are (If You Think So) 4

Public value 6178

Pusey, Michael

Economic Rationalism in Canberra 20


Reichman, William

Use and abuse of statistics 25

Rudd, Kevin 90


Schultz, Julianne 45

‘Australia Must Act Now’ 5859

Screen Australia xxii

Selfies 54

Senate Inquiry (Impact of the 2014 and 2015 Commonwealth Budget decisions on the Arts) xviii, xxivxxvi, xxix, 86, 93, 137142

Sharman, Jim 37

South Australian Red Cross Information

Bureau (SARCIB) 7678

Spotify 4549, 51

State Library of South Australia (SLSA) xxvi, 66n2, 7678

State Theatre Company of South

Australia (STCSA) xxvi

Sumner, John 33

Sydney Biennale 2014 xixxx

Sydney Opera House, The xxx

Sydney Theatre Company, The 37

See also Old Tote Theatre, The


Tal, Eran

‘Old and New Problems in Philosophy of Measurement’ 31

TEDx 7374

Thomson, Brian 37

Throsby, David

Beyond Price 14

‘Perception of Quality in Demand for Theatre’ 42

Trilling, Lionel 7, 11

Beyond Culture 78

‘Science, Literature and Culture’ 8n2

Turnbull, Malcolm xxiv, 87


Union Theatre Repertory Company

(UTRC) 3335, 39

See also Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC)


‘Vincent Report’, xxxiii


Walsh, David see Museum of Old and

New Art

Warner, Michael

Publics and Counterpublics 68

Watson, Don 8991

Death Sentence 8991

Weber, Max 23, 122

White, Hayden

‘The Value of Narrativity in the

Representation of Reality’ 100

White, Patrick 3240, 42

Big Toys 38, 40

Cheery Soul, A 33, 35, 38, 40

Ham Funeral, The 33, 38, 40

Netherwood 38, 40

Night on Bald Mountain 33, 38, 40

Season at Sarsaparilla 3335, 3740

Shepherd on the Rocks 38, 40

Signal Driver 38, 40

Whitlam, Gough xxii, xxxii, xxxiv

Williams, Raymond 911

Culture and Society 10n2

‘Culture is Ordinary’ 10n1

What Matters?

   by Julian Meyrick, Robert Phiddian and Tully Barnett