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Wanderings in India: Australian Perceptions


We gratefully acknowledge the support of Professor Marika Vicziany, Monash University, for her interest in this edition. We would also like to thank all our contributors for their insightful, critical, creative pieces and patience. And a very special thanks to Sue Hosking and Reema Sarwal for their support and advice.

We are grateful to Nathan Hollier, Sarah Cannon, Kathryn Hatch, Les Thomas and other members of Monash University Publishing team in helping to bring out this volume.

Some of the pieces in this collection have been published previously and are revised here to update them. The editors and publisher of this collection are grateful to the following authors for permission to reprint their articles:

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– Rick Hosking and Amit Sarwal

Wanderings in India: Australian Perceptions

   by Rick Hosking and Amit Sarwal