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Verge 2017 – Chimera



Callum Methven

The ribbons in her hair,

tied fatal flaws together, plumage

on the first day of school,

on the last day of the week,

the last day of the rift

between these two auspicious crests.

Clutching at these banks of fog

these ribbons robbing morning dew,

facetious thieves, these ribbons crying

shallow creeks between two locks of us.

Six or seven sirens screaming,

befallen to the calamities of them,

befallen to the brutality of little people

never ceases to astonish, never ceases

but the white cells have the final word.

She ties knots around the periphery,

around the absent dogma of these

hospital gowns, scarlet thread

interwoven with her flesh,

pale flesh fading faster

with this word, the final word

like ribbons in her hair.

Verge 2017 – Chimera

   by Bonnie Reid, Aisling Smith and Gavin Yates