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Verge 2017 – Chimera


gordons bay

Bonnie Reid

assorted meat cuts laid out on sandstone bbq marinated in salt water every 20-30 returned to sun fading tattoos skin redder angrier by the minute too loose black swimwear framing bodies more masc. esp. adidas all varieties of body hair and body hair removal that help you to present yourself accurately in the club on the beach when you’re walking the king st runway kinda stretches more through enmore to marrickville these days wondering do all the stingrays manta-rays whatever-rays see all the bods on the rocks from their camouflage on the sandy-bottomed bay and know they’re at unofficial queer beach cruising spot scene to be seen? maybe a bunch of underwater queens all here for the same thing get a look at the stinger on him! you keep hearing it in your head that line ‘it was just in me to be liking females’ so many problems with this phrasing also it is perfect just right makes you open to all the babes in this human rookery came here with the queen of queers top down in the red capri took a shortcut from the car park wasn’t really a shortcut now you’re bleeding in stripes sport fashun elbow to knee ‘that looks fuckin’ gnarly dude’ says c who is of course here too ‘yeah fell down a cliff’ cliff means 2 metre brick wall but you got a lot of bravado to knock out between you coz you fucked once don’t talk about it just shows how cool chill super chiller you are almost like you could do it again you won’t maybe you will probably it’s not a good idea still bleeding find shaded rocks see ten other queers you know try not to bleed on them too see k he is flashing his glitter nails at you share your theory of glitter with him at any given time everyone on earth has a piece of glitter somewhere on or inside them there is probably glitter in space dust you bet glitter was shot into space with the astronauts or maybe it sucks off earth into space some kinda breeze pulling slowly how else do we keep moving further from each other while the population grows? ‘glitter is space dust babe! i snorted glitter once and did a glitter shit’ says k ‘do you think it counts as glitter when it’s inside you where no light gets in?’ ‘you’re speaking for yourself babe the light shines outta me!’ time for a dip before fish burgers drake and t swift on the way home to your life that’s all yours and you don’t know what you’re doing with it

Verge 2017 – Chimera

   by Bonnie Reid, Aisling Smith and Gavin Yates