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Verge 2017 – Chimera


The editors of Verge would like to acknowledge that this publication was created on stolen land of the Kulin Nations. We pay our respect to Elders past and present, with deep gratitude that we were able to publish and share these stories here.

Our thanks and appreciation, for making this publication possible, goes to:

Dr Ali Alizadeh, Verge Coordinator

Ali has been a tremendous support to the editorial team throughout the production. We have been lucky to have his generous guidance and wise words in putting together a great collection.

Dr Melinda Harvey, Melbourne Writers Festival and Emerging Writers Festival Liaison

Prof Robin Gerster, Director of the Literary and Cultural Studies Graduate Program

Dr Nathan Hollier, Monash University Publishing

Joanne Mullins, Monash University Publishing

Laura McNicol Smith, Monash University Publishing

Les Thomas, Monash University Publishing

Lisa Dempster, Melbourne Writers Festival

Sally Riley, Monash University

We would like to extend our gratitude to the following, who reviewed and critically appraised the pieces:

Dr Ali Alizadeh

Dr Cassandra Atherton

Dr Bonny Cassidy

Dr Stuart Cooke

Dr Elin-Maria Evangelista

Dr Gabriel Garcia-Ochoa

Dr Melinda Harvey

Dr Anthony Lawrence

Associate Professor Chandani Lokuge

Dr Rosalind McFarlane

Dr Alyson Miller

Dr David Musgrave

Dr Lucy Neave

Dr Catherine Noske

Dr Kay Rozynski

Dr Ariella Van Luyn

Dr Chris Watkin

Dr Jessica Wilkinson

We, and the contributors, give warmest thanks for your time and expert feedback.

Special thanks must also go to:

Phoebe Reid for her graphic design work on Verge’s publicity and cover design.

Jesse Boyd-Reid for the use of his photographs for Verge’s publicity and cover design.

And, most importantly:

The contributors.

It has been our pleasure to work with such talent: thank you for your dedication, and for sharing your journey through creative practice.

Verge 2017 – Chimera

   by Bonnie Reid, Aisling Smith and Gavin Yates