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Verge 2013: Becoming


Cecilia Xu

(The Raye Freedman Arts Centre)


The dark dimpled stretch

of stage raises both arms.

For the last time, it waits for me.

I have been vulnerable

beneath these fearsome lights,

a small and uncertain soul shaking

before a faceless crowd.

But somewhere through the years

that slur into one I found

a rhythm: the way the crotchets drop

from the gentle fibres of the heart

and the semiquavers slip

like sand into the paneled walls.

I have come to know

the scent of sweat and resin,

the raw lattice of lights

and the painful cradle of silence

as the world waits for you to begin.

These are the things I will find

in the sweetest corners of my sleep

and carry with me through

the many stages to come.

When I have forgotten the names

I will still hear the voices

of the people I love.

Many times I have stood here

and wept, and laughed,

and dreamed

of impossible things.

This stage taught me to be brave.

Verge 2013: Becoming

   by Peter Dawncy and Camille Eckhaus