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Verge 2013: Becoming


Urvi Majumdar

When I have loved

with a heart incomplete

and married the obsolete


from a past, to this

starry apparition.

When I have loved

the pin-prick precision

of my alchemist mind

dissecting time

for a reality written

by the unwritten

to be righter.

When I have loved

the fatalistic hues

of an orchestral universe


majesty dwells –

a castrated euphony –

in our every decision

within a greater vision.

When I have loved

with stretched fingers reaching

for a moonlit void –


in divine motion

the laws of becoming

coming to be


When I have loved

implausible eternity

and it has laughed

in frank

actuality –

Rotating clumsiness

relishes impermanent chaos

in bouts.

When I have loved

grand illiteracy

shredding meaning to make

a nest

of frazzled atoms

saluting nauseas salvation –

A nation of memories

for when I have loved,

what I have loved.

Verge 2013: Becoming

   by Peter Dawncy and Camille Eckhaus