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Verge 2013: Becoming


Siobhan Hodge and Rosalind McFarlane

To write you

postcard leaves and a record,

I looked to sea – you

reflected. This place is

you in mountain song,

now crouched in bricks, then fretworks

palmed like playing cards. Each breath

seals stamps, sends me south.

We are space uninvested. Take

this instead, knitting narratives

over migratory seas that we may

bind our stories. Bone-deep

hankering within storyline maps:

to write our realist fictions we must

placate these pages, ink our dripping fingers,

circumnavigate sealed teeth and we all

go together –

evolving in ever more salvaged directions.

Verge 2013: Becoming

   by Peter Dawncy and Camille Eckhaus