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Verge 2012: Inverse


Siobhan Hodge

Your hands and feet are

cut to fit, dotting

lines to mark the split

of rotting grammar

under sand. All lost,

the rhymes are lines pushed

to your lips and stuck:

sample selfish love.

We fret as half-known

symbols feed new strains,

do not eat what we

cannot name for sure.

Slips of gloss where rips

meat-deep are hushed and

sealed to strung-up bones,

we taste the resin’s

cloying tones and wait:

the deadweight tug can

loose blunt agony,

fresh-dug from rubbish

pits, but second-hand

longing still only

feeds your curators.

Verge 2012: Inverse

   by Samantha Clifford and Rosalind Mcfarlane