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Verge 2012: Inverse


This edition of Verge is indebted to a number of people in its realisation. Firstly, to Dr Ali Alizadeh for his enthusiasm, problem-solving and calm resolve in helping us to combat the bumps along the way. To Associate Professor Chandani Lokuge, who has been the force behind Verge for the past seven years, for willingly entrusting the publication to us this year with her full confidence. We are extremely grateful to the School of English, Communications and Performance Studies, especially Jodie Wood and Professor Sue Kossew, and the Centre for Postcolonial Writing at Monash for their continued support of Verge. We would also like to thank the Dean of Arts, Professor Raelene Frances, and the Faculty of Arts for making both this publication and its launch possible.

We would also like to thank our dedicated referees, whose feedback and support have afforded us a higher quality of work throughout the publication: Peter Blegvad, Matt Hall, Professor Trevor Harris, Dr John Hawke, Anna Lea, Kent MacCarter, Professor Lyn McCredden, Professor Stephen Muecke, Associate Professor Kate Rigby, Dr Chris Worth, Professor Van Ikin, Dr Venero Armanno, Dr Bronwyn Lea, Jill Jones and Caroline McKinnon.

We owe many a thankyou to “the Davids”: David Hall and David Muller for their speed, attention to detail and professionalism within the proofreading process; and so too to the team at Monash University Press, in particular Nathan Hollier and Jo Mullins, who have published Verge for the second consecutive year, and have provided us with a great deal of assistance in the process.

Our launch at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival is a source of great pride, and we would like to thank the team at the Festival for their support and assistance in bringing this to fruition again in 2012. Thanks should also go to The Grumpy Swimmer Bookstore in Elwood for their contribution to our fiction prize, and equally to Collected Works Bookshop in Melbourne for our poetry prize. These relationships that Verge holds with the wider literary community are of great value, and we appreciate them immensely.

Most of all, to our contributors whose work fills these pages- a very big heartfelt thank you from us both. You have made working on Verge this year such an exciting and rewarding experience, and your willingness to work with us every step of the way has not gone unnoticed. Thank you too, to all of those who submitted their work for consideration.

We very much hope that in reading this year’s edition of Verge, you will enjoy it as much as we did putting it together.


Samantha Clifford and Rosalind McFarlane, Editors, Verge 2012

Verge 2012: Inverse

   by Samantha Clifford and Rosalind Mcfarlane