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The Spirit of Secular Art


This book was written with the assistance of an ARC Small Grant, which provided the time to write the initial draft, plus a Monash Small Grant, which afforded the invaluable and judicious assistance of Dr Cynthia Troup, who helped assemble the apparatus. In addition to this, I would like to acknowledge the formidable contribution of several readers who took time out to scrutinize the text and make prolific critical comment upon it. These include Professor Gary Bouma (Monash University), Dr Rex Butler (Queensland University), Associate Professor Domenico de Clario (Monash University), Geoffrey Dupree (artist, Monash University), Associate Professor Robert Gaston (La Trobe University), Dr M.A. Greenstein (Boulder and Los Angeles) Professor Kevin Hart (University of Notre Dame), Professor Bill Kent (Monash University), Sister Emeritus Professor Margaret Manion (University of Melbourne), Associate Professor Anne Marsh (Monash University), Dr Christopher Marshall (University of Melbourne), Dr Adrian Martin (Monash University), Dr Constant Mews (Monash University), Dr Luke Morgan (Monash University), Dr Eva and Dr Peter Nelson (my parents), Dr Polixeni Papapetrou (artist and my wife), Professor John Redmond (Monash University), Emeritus Professor Bernard Smith (University of Melbourne), Associate Professor Mark Wedig OP (Barry University, Miami).

Robert Nelson



Nelson, Robert. 2007. ‘Acknowledgements’. The Spirit of Secular Art: A History of the Sacramental Roots of Contemporary Artistic Values. Melbourne: Monash University ePress. pp. ii.

The Spirit of Secular Art

   by Robert Nelson