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The Project as a Social System: Asia-Pacific Perspectives on Project Management


Keynote address

Rethinking information systems project risk: Implications for research

Chris Sauer, Andrew Gemino and Blaize Horner Reich

Section 1: Socio-Technical Aspects of Project Management

Chapter 1
Illuminating the role of the project owner

Erling S Andersen

Chapter 2
Cross-cultural complex project management

Balancing social and cultural complexity

Louis Klein

Chapter 3
The project as a socio-cultural system

Investigating humanitarian projects managed by volunteers in not-for-profit organisations

Shankar Sankaran

Chapter 4
Information systems project management mentoring practices in multi-national corporations

Paul TM Leong and Felix B Tan

Chapter 5
Contingent employment in IT versus learning to enhance project management capabilities

Chui-Ha (Tracy) Ng

Section 2: Strategic Aspects of Project Management

Chapter 6
Whole of enterprise portfolio management

An integrated approach to managing projects as a social system

Michael Young, Jill Owen and James Connor

Chapter 7
Widening the perspective on organisational capabilities for project portfolio management

Catherine P Killen and Robert A Hunt

Chapter 8
From projects to programs to execute strategy

Bridging the top management conceptual divide

Raymond Young, Simon Poon and Paul O’Connor

Chapter 9
Who are ‘they’?

Employee perception of organisational decision-making

Shawn D Belling

Chapter 10
Leadership in projects and its impact on business strategy execution

An Australian case

Alan Sixsmith and Ken Dovey

Section 3: Managing Socio-Technical Projects

Chapter 11
The impact of sustainability on project management

A J Gilbert Silvius, Jasper van den Brink and Adri Köhler

Chapter 12
The project entity as human activity system and social process

Providing the structural openness to connect with context

Jocelyn Small and Derek Walker

Chapter 13
Motivating construction organisations through incentives

A case study for client-side project managers

Timothy M Rose and Karen Manley

Chapter 14
The project as a social system

Identifying key players to ensure outcome realisation

Ofer Zwikael and John Smyrk

Chapter 15
Research methods for wicked projects

Andrew Finegan


The Project as a Social System: Asia-Pacific Perspectives on Project Management

   by Henry Linger and Jill Owen