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The Market in Babies: Stories of Australian Adoption



This book comes out of a national research project investigating the history of adoption in Australia. The project examined the distinctive ways in which adoption has reflected and shaped family ideals within Australian settler society. It sought to bring into history the stories of people whose lives have been changed by adoption, in order to acknowledge that experience and to read it against policy change.

The study set out to fill a gap in the nation’s self-understanding by explaining the historical factors driving the changing place, meaning and significance of adoption. This undertaking took on added purpose as successive Australian governments, both state and federal, delivered apologies to children and parents who were victims of past policies of forced removal.

Relevant publications by the authors and other members of the research team are listed below. Those interested in reading more about the history of Australian adoption, primary and secondary, will find a comprehensive listing on the Monash History of Adoption project website at:


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The Market in Babies: Stories of Australian Adoption

   by Marian Quartly, Shurlee Swain, Denise Cuthbert