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The Market in Babies: Stories of Australian Adoption


Marian Quartly holds the position of Professor Emerita at Monash University’s School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies. She has published for many years in the area of Australian history, with special reference to the history of the family and gender relations. Her current research concerns are the history of women’s activism and the history of family in late twentieth century Australia.

Shurlee Swain is a Professor at the Australian Catholic University. She has published widely in the history of women and children, with a particular interest in the impact of welfare on individual lives. Her publications in this area include Single Mothers and Their Children: Disposal, Punishment and Survival in Australia (1996), Confronting Cruelty (2002), Child, Nation, Race and Empire (2010), and Born in Hope: A History of the Early Years of the Family Court of Australia (2012). Currently Professor Swain is the historian chief investigator on the National Find & Connect Web Resource project.

Denise Cuthbert is currently Dean of the School of Graduate Research at RMIT. She has a long-standing interest in adoption and family formation and has published on the experiences of non-Aboriginal women who adopted and fostered Aboriginal children. In her recent work on the history of adoption in Australia, Denise has published widely on the politics and philosophy of adoption policy. In 2009 she co-edited with Ceridwen Spark Other People’s Children: Adoption in Australia (Melbourne: Scholarly Publishing).

The Market in Babies: Stories of Australian Adoption

   by Marian Quartly, Shurlee Swain, Denise Cuthbert