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Still Learning


I would like to acknowledge the generous assistance in both time and documentary material – archives, photographs and stories – provided to me by many current and past members of staff. Professor Phillip Steele, Ms Sue Webb, Ms Tanya O’Brien and Ms Melinda Robinson have all contributed to the task of documenting Monash Peninsula Campus’ history. Former staff members, too, have been generous with their time, and I thank especially Bob Greaves, and Kate Boyle. I thank the former students I have spoken to including Max Gillies, Peter Corlett and Paul Jennings.

Writing such a history as this would not have been possible without the assistance and enthusiasm of archival and library staff, and I sincerely thank Monash Peninsula Library including Paula Todd and staff, and Monash University Archives staff, particularly Jan Getson and Lyn Maloney. Finally, I would like to acknowledge the expertise of editor Tracy Jennings and indexer Jane Purton and thank them for their exemplary work.

Fay Woodhouse

Still Learning

   by Fay Woodhouse