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South Pacific Museums: Experiments in Culture


This collection has its origins in an Australian Research Council Discovery Project lead by Chris Healy, Gaye Sculthorpe and Paul Walker. We acknowledge that support. Kylie Message, Perrie Ballantyne and Hilary Ericksen all played crucial roles in that research project, which included the symposium ‘The Re-Birth of the Museum’ held at the University of Melbourne in July 2004, at which some of the essays here were first presented. We are grateful to all of the symposium participants for making that event so generative and to the Department of English and the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne for their financial support. Tony Birch, Alison Huber and Paul Williams focused and sharpened Chris Healy’s perspective on the museum. Emmanuel Kasarhérou, the cultural director at the Centre Culturel Tjibaou, and Patrick Greene, the CEO of Museum Victoria, were both generous in responding to our questions. Isabelle de Solier was an invaluable research assistant in the later stages of this project. Penny Johnson was, as always, a wonderful editor. At Monash University ePress, Michele Sabto saw the potential in this collection that others could not, Joanne Mullins in production was a dream to work with and Sarah Cannon gave it an energetic launch into the markets to which it is now consigned. We are grateful to all of the copyright holders for permission to reproduce the images here. Publication of this work was assisted by a publication grant from the University of Melbourne.


— Chris Healy and Andrea Witcomb, editors, South Pacific Museums: Experiments in Culture

South Pacific Museums: Experiments in Culture

   by Chris Healy and Andrea Witcomb