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South Pacific Museums: Experiments in Culture

CONTENTS: South Pacific Museums: Experiments in Culture


1.        Experiments in culture: An introduction — Chris Healy and Andrea Witcomb


2.        Reforming nationhood: The free market and biculturalism at Te Papa — Paul Williams

3.        Museums of New Caledonia: The old, the new and the balance of the two — Marianne Tissandier

4.        Contested sites of identity and the cult of the new: The Centre Culturel Tjibaou and the constitution of culture in New Caledonia — Kylie Message

5.        National Museum of Australia — Linda Young

6.        Pluralism and exhibition practice at the National Museum of Australia — Mathew Trinca and Kirsten Wehner

7.        Melbourne Museum — Ian McShane

8.        Civic laboratories: Museums, cultural objecthood and the governance of the social — Tony Bennett


9.        Museums as cultural guardians — Deidre Brown

10.       The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa — Huhana Smith

11.       There’s so much in looking at those barks: Dja Dja Wurrung etchings 200405 — Pamie Fung and Sara Wills

12.       Gab Titui Cultural Centre — Leilani Bin-Juda

13.       The museum as cultural agent: The Vanuatu Cultural Centre extension worker program — Lissant Bolton

14.       Tuning the museum: The harmonics of official culture — Ian Wedde

15.       Bunjilaka — Moira G. Simpson

16.       Very special treatment — Chris Healy


17.       Hiroshima mon amour: Representation and violence in new museums of the Pacific — Diane Losche

18.       The Auckland War Memorial Museum, Tamaki Paenga Hira — Elizabeth Rankin

19.       The National Museum of Australia as danse macabre: Baroque allegories of the popular — John Macarthur and Naomi Stead

20.       The Museum of Sydney — Kate Gregory

21.       How style came to matter: Do we need to move beyond the politics of representation? — Andrea Witcomb

22.       The Australian Centre for the Moving Image — Natalia Radywyl

23.       Spirit house — Ross Gibson

South Pacific Museums: Experiments in Culture

   by Chris Healy and Andrea Witcomb