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Kate Darian-Smith, Richard Gillespie, Caroline Jordan and Elizabeth Willis

The idea for this book arose from a conference held at Museum Victoria in October 2006. The editors would like to thank those organisations that supported both the conference and the publication of this book: The Australian Centre, School of Historical Studies, University of Melbourne; Cultural Heritage & Museum Studies, Deakin University; Heritage Council of Victoria; Museum Victoria; National Centre for Australian Studies, Monash University. Many thanks to Frances O’Neill and David Dunstan for suggesting that we hold a conference to bring together the diverse scholars working on exhibitions, and to Elizabeth Willis for coordinating the conference.

We also thank the many referees who provided reports to authors on their chapters, and to the institutions that have given permission for the reproduction of images.

Finally, we are most grateful to Michele Sabto, Joanne Mullins, Sarah Cannon and Carly Millar at Monash University ePress for steering the book so expertly into both print and the web.


   by Kate Darian-Smith, Richard Gillespie, Caroline Jordan, Elizabeth Willis