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List of contributors

Carolyn Barnes – Swinburne University

Kate Darian-Smith – University of Melbourne

David Dunstan – Monash University

Penelope Edmonds – University of Melbourne

Linden Gillbank – University of Melbourne

Robin Grow – Art Deco Society of Australia

Emily Harris – University of Melbourne

Elizabeth Hartrick – University of Melbourne

Alison Inglis – University of Melbourne

Simon Jackson – Swinburne University

Caroline Jordan – La Trobe University

Ross Laurie – University of Queensland

Susan K. Martin – La Trobe University

Robert Rydell – Montana State University

Joanne Scott – University of the Sunshine Coast

Sarah Scott – Charles Darwin University

Martha Sear – National Museum of Australia

Annette Shiell – University of Melbourne

Catherine Speck – University of Adelaide

Lise Summers – State Record Office of Western Australia

Jonathan Sweet – Deakin University

Elizabeth Willis – Museum Victoria

Linda Young – Deakin University


   by Kate Darian-Smith, Richard Gillespie, Caroline Jordan, Elizabeth Willis