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Editors’ acknowledgments

1.   ‘Seize the day’: Exhibiting Australia – Kate Darian-Smith


Indigenous cultures on display

2.   ‘The productions of Aboriginal states’: Australian Aboriginal and settler exhibits at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1855 – Elizabeth Willis

3.   Race and Australian national identity at the 1866–67 Intercolonial Exhibition – Emily Harris

4.   ‘We think that this subject of the native races should be thoroughly gone into at the forthcoming Exhibition’: The 1866–67 Intercolonial Exhibition – Penelope Edmonds

Colonial case studies

5.   Hidden treasure: Exhibiting Western Australia, 1860–90 – Lise Summers

6.   ‘Within her own boundaries’: Queensland’s first ‘at home’ intercolonial exhibition – Joanne Scott and Ross Laurie

Material culture

7.   Scientific and public duties: Ferdinand Mueller’s forest contributions to exhibitions and a museum – Linden Gillbank

8.   International exhibition postcards: Tangible reflections of an ephemeral past – Jonathan Sweet


9.   The exhibitionary complex personified: Melbourne’s nineteenth century displays and the mercurial Dr LL Smith – David Dunstan

10.  Fundraising through fancywork: Grand Bazaars in Melbourne at the end of the nineteenth century – Annette Shiell

11.  ‘Curiosities and rare scientific instruments’: Colonial conversazioni in Australia and New Zealand in the 1870s and 1880s – Elizabeth Hartrick


National identities

12.  ‘How like England can we be’: The Australian international exhibitions in the nineteenth century – Linda Young

Women and exhibitions

13.  ‘Surmounted by stuffed sheep’: Exhibitions and Empire in nineteenth-century Australian women’s fiction – Susan K Martin

14.  ‘Common neutral ground’: Feminising the public sphere at two nineteenth-century Australian exhibitions of women’s work – Martha Sear

Artistic pursuits

15.  Tom Roberts, Ellis Rowan and the struggle for Australian art at the great exhibitions of 1880 and 1888 – Caroline Jordan

16.  Aestheticism and empire: The Grosvenor Gallery Intercolonial Exhibition in Melbourne, 1887 – Alison Inglis

17.  Adelaide’s Federal Art Exhibitions 1898–1923 – Catherine Speck

Modernism, art & design

18.  Power and modernity: A photo essay on the Centenary All-Electricity Exhibition, 1935 – Robin Grow

19.  A colonial legacy: Australian Painting at the Tate Gallery, London, 1963 – Sarah Scott

20.  ‘A significant mirror of progress’: Modernist design and Australian participation at Expo ‘67 and Expo ‘70 – Carolyn Barnes and Simon Jackson


21.  New directions for scholarship about world expos – Robert W Rydell

22.  Index of exhibitions cited


   by Kate Darian-Smith, Richard Gillespie, Caroline Jordan, Elizabeth Willis