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Personal View: Photographs 1978 – 1986

1970s–1980s TIMELINE


University of Melbourne. In the early ’70s arts students include Norbert Loeffler, Suzanne Davies, Meredith Rogers and Janine Burke.

1974. Sue Ford is the first Australian photographer to have a solo show at the National Gallery of Victoria. Ford lives at Laughing Waters Road, Eltham.

Ewing and George Paton Galleries. Directors Kiffy Rubbo (1973–80) and Judy Annear (1980–82); assistant director Meredith Rogers (1974–79). First meeting of Women’s Art Register, September 1975 during the exhibition ‘Australian Women Artists, One Hundred Years:1840–1940’ curated by Janine Burke. Also the venue for meetings of the Ewing Gallery collective and the journal Arts Melbourne. Exhibiting artists include Kevin Mortensen, John Davis, Peter Cripps, Rae Marks, Sue Ford, Isabel Davies, Merrill Dumbrell, Lesley Dumbrell, Elizabeth Gower, Lyndal Jones and Peter Kennedy.

Carlton Hang-outs

Lygon Street: The Albion Hotel, Tamani’s, Jimmy Watson’s, El Gambero, Jamaica House.

Faraday Street: Genevieve’s, Johnny’s Green Room, the ‘Bughouse’ cinema, La Mama.

Argyle Place: Vera’s sly-grog joint.

Elgin Street: Stewarts’ Hotel.

Drummond St: The Pram Factory (Australian Performing Group).

1976. LIP: A Journal of Women in the Visual Arts. Meetings take place at the share house of Suzanne Spunner and Christine Johnston Carlton St, Carlton. Collective members include Judy Annear, Isabel Davies, Suzanne Davies, Lesley Dumbrell, Elizabeth Gower, Lyndal Jones and Meredith Rogers. Geoff Hogg lives next door.

1977. Helen Garner’s Monkey Grip published by McPheeGribble.

1977. Victorian College of the Arts. Staff includes Frances Lindsay, Allan Mitelman, Graham Fransella, Gareth Sansom and Janine Burke. Students 1970 to early 80s include Jenny Watson, John Nixon, Geoff Hogg, Stephen McCarthy, Deborah Walker and Stephen Benwell.

1978. National Gallery of Victoria. Robert Lindsay curates ‘Survey 1: John Davis’, the inaugural exhibition in the ‘Survey’ series showcasing major mid-career artists.

1979. Art Projects, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. Director John Nixon. Artists include Jenny Watson, John Davis and Peter Cripps.

Watson and Nixon reside at High Street, Prahran. Elizabeth Gower lives above Dan Murphy’s wine shop, Chapel Street, Prahran before moving to Rankins Lane.

Rankins Lane Gallery, Melbourne. Director Julie ‘Brownie’ Higginbotham, printmaker.

Christine Abrahams Gallery, Gipps St, Richmond. Director Christine Abrahams. Artists include Isabel Davies, Lesley Dumbrell, Elizabeth Gower and Jenny Watson. Prior to founding her own gallery, Abrahams co-manages Powell Street Gallery, South Yarra.

Lesley Dumbrell’s home/studio Gipps St, Richmond. Peter Kennedy and Andrew Scollo live a few houses apart in Kent Street, Richmond. Kennedy teaches at Philip Institute of Technology.

1979. Albert Tucker returns to St Kilda where he lived in the 1940s with Joy Hester. He shows at Tolarno Galleries. Exhibitions of Hester’s works, drawn from Tucker’s collection, are also shown there.

1980. Tolarno Galleries relocates to River Street, South Yarra. William Mora, the son of Georges and Mirka Mora, becomes a partner in the gallery.

Early 1980s. Sue Ford moves back to Melbourne and lives at Amess Street, North Carlton. Shane Maloney and Christine Johnston move to Amess Street. Suzanne Spunner and Ian Grey move to Pigdon Street North Carlton. Janine Burke moves to Canning Street North Carlton.

1981. Art & Text. Founding editor Paul Taylor resides at Beverley Hills, an Art Deco apartment building in Darling Street, South Yarra, where the production of Art & Text takes place plus many memorable parties.

1981. ABC Radio, Lonsdale Street. After working for 3AW’s Claudia Wright, Julie Copeland produces and presents arts programmes for the ABC.

1981. Heide Museum of Modern Art opens to the public. Janine Burke curates Joy Hester retrospective, National Gallery of Victoria.

1982. Roar Studios, Fitzroy. Stephen McCarthy is a founding member of the artists’ run gallery. Paul Taylor curates POPISM, National Gallery of Victoria.

Mid-80s. Betty Churcher lectures in art history at Philip Institute of Technology before being appointed dean of the art school. Frances Lindsay is appointed director Ian Potter Museum of Art, University of Melbourne. Andrea Hull is appointed director Community Arts Board, Australia Council. Norbert Loeffler is appointed lecturer in art his-tory, Victorian College of the Arts. Janine Burke moves to Italy. Paul Taylor moves to New York. LIP ceases publication.


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Personal View: Photographs 1978 – 1986

   by Janine Burke