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Out Here: Gay and Lesbian Perspectives VI




Ch 1.  'We Blew Our Trumpets and…' The ACT Homosexual Law Reform Society — Graham Willett

Ch 2.  It's Time: The Duncan Case and the Decriminalisation of Homosexual Acts in South Australia, 1972 — Clare Parker and Paul Sendziuk

Ch 3.  The Okayness of Gayness: Don Dunstan's Record in Homosexual Law Reform — Dino Hodge

Ch 4.  Even More Hidden from History? Male Homosexuality and Medicine in Turn-of-the-Century Australia — Lisa Featherstone

Ch 5.  'Homosexual Health Hazards': Public Discourse on Homosexuality and Medicine in Australia, 1973–1984 — Emily Wilson

Ch 6.  HIV/AIDS and Gay Community Print News Media in 1980s Australia — Shirleene Robinson

Ch 7.  Australian HIV/AIDS Life Writing: The Human and the Historic — Geoff Allshorn

Ch 8.  When HIV is Endemic amongst Gay Men — Michael Hurley

Ch 9.  Australian Lesbian Artists of the Early Twentieth Century — Peter Di Sciascio

Ch 10. The Bois of King Vic — Roberta Foster

Ch 11. Friends and Lovers: Social Networks and Homosexual Life in War-time Queensland, 1938–1948 — Yorick Smaal

Ch 12. The Influence of Ageism on Relations between Old and Young Gay Men — Peter Robinson

Ch 13. '… And the Theatre was Full of Poofs, and I Thought it was Fantastic': Researching the History of Gay Men and the Movies — Scott McKinnon

Out Here: Gay and Lesbian Perspectives VI

   by Yorick Smaal, Graham Willett