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No Way To Go: Transport and Social Disadvantage in Australian Communities


Limited physical access to employment, education and social opportunities could result in poverty, low education levels, low paid jobs or unemployment and poor health.

Addressing transport and social disadvantage issues will provide positive benefits for both the individual and the community.

While considerable research has been undertaken into the fields of transport and social disadvantage, very little of this research has examined the interrelationship of these two areas. In particular to what extent do these two areas influence one another? What is the scale and nature of social disadvantage? In what ways is transport part of the problem and potentially part of the solution? How can intervention best be planned and delivered?

To encourage and promote research and debate on this matter, the Victorian Government supported the first international Transport, Social Disadvantage and Wellbeing Conference that was held in 2006. Further, through A Fairer Victoria and Meeting Our Transport Challenges, the Government has announced a number of initiatives to assist those who are socially disadvantaged. We are improving all modes of public transport to increase access to employment, educational and social opportunities for those most in need.

No Way To Go: Transport and Social Disadvantage is an important step to improving knowledge, and promoting new ideas and options. Future research will assist to understand the complexities and interrelationship of transport and social disadvantage issues. It will contribute towards developing new approaches and new ways of thinking of the issue, leading to real improvements in the lives of those who will otherwise be marginalsed.

I wish to congratulate those involved in producing this publication and welcome further debate and future research in this important field.

Lynne Kosky
Minister for Public Transport

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No Way To Go: Transport and Social Disadvantage in Australian Communities

   by Graham Currie