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Melbourne 2030: Planning Rhetoric Versus Urban Reality


The research for this publication has been conducted over several years. We acknowledge the valuable financial assistance of the Australian Housing and Research Institute for an earlier research project on a topic related to this study. Otherwise the research was conducted without the financial assistance of any parties engaged in the development process.

We are indebted to numerous experts in the field for their time and expertise in addressing our queries. Council staff at the cities of Casey, Greater Dandenong, Monash, Boroondara, Bayside and Hume all contributed. So, too, did officers from Australand, Peet and Company, AV Jennings, the Dennis Group of Companies and VicUrban. Thanks also to Amanda Lanarus for assistance with some of the field work related to the project.

Mapinfo provided us with software at academic pricing for research purposes. We wish to acknowledge the use of VicMap Digital data products in the maps displaying cadastral and planning scheme information.

As is asserted in the course of this book, the residents of Melbourne feel deeply about their city, its heritage and its prospective future. Melbourne 2030 represents a major challenge to this heritage. Opinions differ about the justification for the reforms proposed as part of Melbourne 2030. In the course of our work we met many who cared deeply about the future of Melbourne and their neighbourhood in particular. We learned a great deal from their observations and experiences.

Melbourne 2030: Planning Rhetoric Versus Urban Reality

   by Bob Birrell, Kevin O’Connor, Virginia Rapson and Ernest Healy