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Making Them Indonesians: Child Transfers out of East Timor

Appendix I. Dharmais Foundation child transfers to Java

Arrival in



where known*


PPATN, Bandung


Children from Conceição family, Tibar


Kinderdorf, Bandung


3 Conceição children; 3 others


St Thomas, Semarang


19 ‘representative orphans’ and 1 Conceição


Kinderdorf, Bandung


Children of Apodeti ‘martyrs’, later joined by others, particularly siblings


PPATN, Bandung


‘Representative orphans’

* I am not sure of the backgrounds of all 61 children. In a few instances, a child with a different history seems to have been added to a group to bring the number to a multiple of ten.

Information was made available by the staff at Kinderdorf and St Thomas institutions. PPATN is no longer in existence and I was unable to meet its former staff or to locate its records, so the PPATN data is reconstructed from other sources. According to the Conceição family, Venãncio Conceição, who was sent to Kinderdorf, travelled to Bandung with the group of ten children on their way to PPATN; Kinderdorf records indicate that he arrived at Kinderdorf on 20 November 1979.

Panti Penyantunan Anak Taruna Negara (PPATN), was run by the Social Welfare Department to care for wards of the state and was located in Cimahi, Bandung, West Java. St Thomas Asrama, in Ungaran, Central Java is run by nuns from the Abdi Dalem Sang Kristus (ADSK), an indigenous Javanese Catholic order for women with about 17 congregations throughout Indonesia. In 1977 Sr Madelina was the head of the ADSK and Sr Petrona ran the Santa Maria Foundation responsible for the St Thomas Asrama. SOS Desa Taruna Kinderdorf, in Lembang, West Java, is a private institution with links to SOS International which has its headquarters in Austria.

The Conceição children were orphaned when their parents, UDT supporters, were killed by Fretilin in September 1975, during the party conflict before the invasion. ‘Representative orphans’ refers to 30 children specially selected from concentration camps to be sent to Java for an education. The children of Apodeti ‘martyrs’ were the children of Apodeti leaders killed by Fretilin soon after the invasion; they had been taken prisoner during the party conflict and blamed for co-operating with the Indonesians. The mothers of these children were not killed.

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Making Them Indonesians: Child Transfers out of East Timor

   by Helene van Klinken