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Life of SYN: A Story of the Digital Generation


Thanks to everyone at SYN Media (past and present), Open Spectrum Australia, C31 and the CBAA. It’s not easy writing about friends, so I hope this book is read in the spirit in which it was intended – with fun and affection. I admire you all immensely.

Thanks also to my co-researchers on the Youthworx project: Denise Meredyth, Julian Thomas, David Mackenzie, Aneta Podkalicka, Jon Staley and Chris Wilson. I have left the sequel (Life of YWX?) for you guys and I know it will be fabulous.

A number of research assistants contributed to this project. Firstly, very big thanks to Mary Kozlovski for updating this book after it had been sitting on the sidelines for a while. Ligia Yap, Robin Mitchell and Chris Wilson also helped me collate online data as well as conduct interviews, focus groups and surveys. I have worked hard to disguise the hard data (for the sake of story), but you all made this a much better book. And a very big thanks to Nathan Hollier at Monash University Publishing.

An excerpt from this book was published in Griffith Review, Edition 24, May 2009.

Life of SYN: A Story of the Digital Generation

   by Ellie Rennie