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Drawing the Line


The idea for this volume came out of a conversation between Richard Scully and Barbara Caine, former head of the School of Historical Studies at Monash University. Barbara’s support, and that of the School community, has been essential to the successful completion of Drawing the Line, particularly through the early stages of preparing the proposals. Michael Hau, Christina Twomey, Graeme Davison, David Garrioch and Mark Peel have all made valuable contributions in terms of support, supervision and suggestion. The advice and hard work of Michele Sabto, former manager of the Monash University ePress, has been of inestimable value, as have the contributions to the finished product by Joanne Mullins, Carly Millar, Sarah Cannon, Kathy Lothian and all at the ePress. The efforts of James Cannon in preparing this book for publication are also greatly appreciated. The anonymous referees who examined our proposal and made such helpful comments also deserve our thanks.

A volume of this kind would have been impossible without the assistance and permission of the owners of the many prints, cartoons and webcomics which are our central focus. Thanks must go to Andre Gailani at the Punch Archive for all permissions from that publication appearing herein; the Local Studies Department at Kensington Central Library; the Trustees of the British Museum; the State Libraries of Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland; the British National Archives; United States Library of Congress; Rare Books, Sir Louis Matheson Library (Monash University); Ryan North; John Allison; R.K. Milholland; Matt Boyd; and Ian McConville. Every effort has been made by the editors and contributors to trace the copyright holders of images appearing in this volume. We apologise for any omissions, and would be pleased to insert the appropriate acknowledgement in any subsequent printing of this work.

The editors would also like to extend their thanks to the contributors to this volume: Jamie Agland, Jay Casey, Ivana Dobrivojevic, Nick Dyrenfurth, Fiona Deans Halloran, Marianne Hicks, Lim Cheng Tju, Simon Sleight and Stefanie Wichhart. Though we have met most of you only via email, it has been a pleasure working with you on this project, and gaining an insight into your fascinating research interests.

Richard Scully & Marian Quartly, editors

© Copyright 2009 Richard Scully and Marian Quartly

All rights reserved. Apart from any uses permitted by Australia’s Copyright Act 1968, no part of this book may be reproduced by any process without prior written permission of the copyright owners. The fact that this book is published online does not mean that any part of it can be reproduced without first obtaining written permission: copyright laws do still apply. Inquiries should be directed to the publisher, Monash University ePress:

Drawing the Line

   by Richard Scully, Marian Quartly