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Australians in Italy: Contemporary Lives and Impressions


Bill Kent [editor]; Ros Pesman [editor]; Cynthia Troup [editor]

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  2. First page
  3. Cover; Copyright and Contributor Information; Table of Contents
  4. Preface
  5. Presentazione
  6. Acknowledgements
  7. Introduction
  9. Ch 1. Australians in Italy: The long view
  10. Ch 2. Twentieth-century diplomatic and trade relations
  11. Ch 3. Some facts and figures
  12. Ch 4. Gaining a foothold: Australian cultural institutions in Italy
  13. Ch 5. Arthur Dale Trendall: A memoir
  15. Ch 6. More than a love affair: Australian writers and Italy
  16. Ch 7. A great tradition revisited
  17. Ch 8. Funghi, family and fables
  18. Ch 9. ‘Everything else in Italy’: A journalist in Rome
  20. Ch 10. Australian artists in Italy: Residencies and residents
  21. Ch 11. Donald Friend: An Australian artist’s affair with Italy
  22. Ch 12. Drawing on Italian art
  23. Ch 13. Rinascimento through a contemporary lens
  25. Ch 14. Australian clergy in Italy after Vatican II
  26. Ch 15. Rome: My two cities
  27. Ch 16. Rediscovering Rome
  28. Ch 17. ‘Unevenly buried’: A personal topography of Rome
  30. Ch 18. Elusive landscapes: Australians and the Italian garden
  31. Ch 19. Educational tourism – cultural landscapes
  32. Ch 20. Carrara: Landscape of stone
  33. Ch 21. Imagining and experiencing Italy in the 1980s and 1990s
  35. Ch 22. Reflections and refractions: An Italian perspective on Australian Studies
  36. Ch 23. Australian cinema in Italy: Sguardi australiani
  37. Ch 24. Remembering Bernard Hickey
  39. Ch 25. Italian Australians in Italy
  40. Ch 26. Washing faces, cleansing hearts: Who am I?
  41. Ch 27. The returned migrants: The Associazione Nazionale Emigrati ed ex Emigrati in Australia
  42. INDEX


The editors owe their greatest debt to the Monash University Institute for the Study of Global Movements, and its Director John Nieuwenhuysen, for providing a generous grant with which to hold the symposium ‘Australians in Italy’ at the Monash University Prato Centre in late 2005. The present book stems from that very productive occasion, and could not have been published without the continuing support of the Institute and Professor Nieuwenhuysen, for whose personal enthusiasm for the whole undertaking we are most grateful. Antonio Pagliaro and Camilla Russell played an indispensable role in the organising and running of the symposium, as did Annamaria Pagliaro, Director of the Monash Prato Centre, and Associate Director Cecilia Hewlett, together with their very efficient staff. We much appreciated the welcoming hospitality of our colleagues in Prato, and the willing collaboration of Mary Foreman. In Melbourne, the administrative staff of Monash’s School for Historical Studies deserves our thanks for its continually helpful support in the organising of the symposium and the creation of this book. Chris Wood of Australians Studying Abroad has materially and personally supported the project from the outset, for which our thanks. Amanda Vanstone, the Australian Ambassador to Italy, and Stefano Starace Janfolla, the Italian Ambassador to Australia, each graciously agreed to contribute a preface to our volume.

Michele Sabto, Manager of Monash University ePress, and all her colleagues have been a pleasure to work with on this book, and we only hope that the result measures up to their high expectations. Particularly with regard to editorial matters we thank Joanne Mullins and Carly Millar for their friendly patience with queries and for their considerable technical expertise, and Sarah Cannon for her robust advocacy of Australians in Italy in the marketplace.

Jo-Anne Duggan has most generously allowed us to use one of her striking photographic images for the cover of our book; Penny Johnson has given wise editorial advice as we prepared the manuscript for the press. Patrick Glennan also earns our thanks for translating an article from Italian into English at short notice. We should also like to express our gratitude to the following people for advice, encouragement and help of various kinds in the planning for and preparation of the book – Graeme Davison, Jan Dickinson, Stephen Kolsky, Andrea Rizzi – and more specifically Ralph Lieberman, Ian McPhee, Miranda Montrone, John Rickard and Stephen Rogers for their assistance in procuring images. Bill Kent’s personal thanks go to Carolyn James, Ros Pesman’s to Albert Pesman, and Cynthia Troup’s to Sudaya, and to Gordon and Maggie Troup with whom she first learned to love Italy.

It remains to thank our contributors very warmly for their expert and passionate collaboration in the creation of a book dedicated to a subject close to all of our hearts, and close to the hearts of so many fellow Australians and Italian friends.

Bill Kent, Ros Pesman and Cynthia Troup


Publication information

This chapter is from Australians in Italy: Contemporary Lives and Impressions, edited by Bill Kent, Ros Pesman and Cynthia Troup (Monash University Publishing: Clayton, Melbourne. 2010). For more information about this book, or to purchase print copies, please go to

Australians in Italy: Contemporary Lives and Impressions

   by Bill Kent [editor]; Ros Pesman [editor]; Cynthia Troup [editor]