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Australians in Britain: The Twentieth-Century Experience


Australians in Britain: The Twentieth-Century Experience


Chapter 1      More than just Barry, Clive and Germaine: An overview of Australians in Britain — Carl Bridge, Robert Crawford and David Dunstan

Chapter 2      Australians and Britain in 2001: A demographic perspective — Graeme Hugo

Chapter 3      Australian women in London: Surveying the twentieth century — Angela Woollacott

Chapter 4      Australians in the England and Wales census of 1901: A demographic survey — Carl Bridge

Chapter 5      Tom Roberts’ London years — John Rickard

Chapter 6      The Australian soldier in Britain, 1914–1918 — Roger Beckett

Chapter 7      Reading the British Australasian community in London, 1884–1924 — Simon Sleight

Chapter 8      ‘The crumbs are better than a feast elsewhere’: Australian journalists on Fleet Street — Bridget Griffen-Foley

Chapter 9      ‘Home’ becomes away: Melburnians in Oxford in the 1920s — Jim Davidson

Chapter 10   Australian books, publishers and writers in England, 1900–1940 — John Arnold

Chapter 11   Australian tourists in Britain, 1900–2000 — Richard White

Chapter 12   Part of the pageant: Australian tourists in postwar London — Mathew Trinca

Chapter 13   Australian artists in London: The early 1960s — Simon Pierse

Chapter 14   Tourists, expats and invisible immigrants: Being Australian in England in the 1960s and 70s — Graeme Davison

Chapter 15   ‘We came on a holiday like you’: The Australian community press in London in the 1970s and 80s — David Dunstan

Chapter 16   Going ‘OS’ for the ‘OE’: Aussies, Kiwis, and Saffas in contemporary London — Robert Crawford

Australians in Britain: The Twentieth-Century Experience

   by Carl Bridge