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Anzac Memories: Living with the Legend [New Edition]




Note to readers

Foreword: Memory and silence by Jay Winter

Introduction to the new edition

Introduction to the first edition

Growing up with the Anzac legend

Oral history and Anzac memories

Percy Bird

Bill Langham

Fred Farrall

Part I   Making a legend

1    The diggers’ war

Gone for soldiers

Wild colonial boys

Sailors and non-combatants

End of innocence

Embattled manhood

Digger culture and identity

2    Charles Bean and the Anzacs

An English Australian

Baptisms of fire

Writing at the cutting edge

Bean’s Anzac Book

3    Memories of war

Percy Bird

Bill Langham

Fred Farrall

Part II   The politics of Anzac

4    The return of the soldiers

Coming home

Rehabilitation and the Repat

The home front

A land fit for heroes?

Hoodlums, revolutionaries and genuine diggers

5    The battle for the Anzac legend

Loyalists and disloyalists

The politics of returned servicemen

Commemorating the Anzacs

Bean’s Anzac history

6    Talk and taboo in postwar memories

Percy Bird

Bill Langham

Fred Farrall

Part III   Anzac comes of age

7    Old diggers

Another war

Growing old in Australia

Remembering in later life

8    The Anzac revival (1939–1990)

The Anzac mystique under fire and re-emergent

Anzac histories and Australian popular memory

Anzac Day, 1987

9    Living with the legend

Percy Bird

Bill Langham

Fred Farrall

A past we can live with?

Part IV   Anzac memories revisited

10  Searching for Hector Thomson

The stigma of mental illness

Enlistment: ‘one of the strongest young men in this district’

Return: a ‘most serious and pitiful case’

Single father

Another war

Family history and remembrance

11  Repat war stories

The Repat

Percy Bird

Bill Langham

Fred Farrall

Written records and oral history

Postscript: Anzac postmemory


Appendix 1:  Oral history and popular memory

The Anzac oral history project

Contesting ‘the voice of the past’

The oral history relationship

A popular memory interview approach

Writing memory biographies

Appendix 2:  Brief details of interviewees


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Anzac Memories: Living with the Legend [New Edition]

   by Alistair Thomson