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Activism and Aid


This book was made possible by my ongoing connections with Timorese activist men and women whose passion, ideas and commitment to the independent nation of Timor-Leste were the inspiration for this book. Many of my original PhD research participants, as well as others, continued to share with me their hopes, dreams and disappointments as events unfolded in their newly independent country.

My deepest thanks go to the many young Timorese men and women who took part in my research; in particular I would like to thank Alberto Barros, Ergilio Vicente, Ego Lemos, Filomena dos Reis, Gizela da Carvalho, Laura Abrantes, Abel dos Santos, Jose Magno, Natalino Soares, Estanislau Martins, Alex Gusmao, Ismenio Martins, Nelia Menezes, and Vice-Minister Dulce Soares amongst many friends who shared their thoughts with me over the years, as well as many other original research participants with whom I have not been able to maintain contact.

I would also like to acknowledge the many friends who supported and encouraged me, including Drs Helen Hill and Russell Wright who supervised my PhD thesis, and Peter Taylor, my supervisor whilst a visiting fellow at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex. Also friends who read my manuscript, Allan Beesey, Christopher Sheppard, Dermot Clancy, Glenda Lasslett and Prof. Peter Kershaw whose comments on the book draft gave clarity to my thoughts.

Activism and Aid

   by Ann Wigglesworth