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A Pedagogy of Place


Preface ix

Introduction: Towards Place-Responsive Outdoor Education.  p. xiii

Chapter 1. Personal Narratives: A Place to Start.  p. 1

Chapter 2. Outdoor Education: Myths, Dubious Claims and the Denial of Place.  p. 26

Chapter 3. The Case for Place.  p. 51

Chapter 4. The Emergence of Place in Outdoor Education.  p. 77

Chapter 5. Expeditionary Learning and a Sense of Place ~ Brian.  p. 106

Chapter 6. ‘That Feeling of Familiarity’: Developing Place-Responsiveness ~ Mike.  p. 123

Chapter 7. Transitions: A Changing Sense of Place ~ Mike.  p. 144

Chapter 8. Knowable Places: The Story of a Place-Responsive Educator ~ Brian.  p. 158

Chapter 9. Signposts to a Place-Responsive Pedagogy in Outdoor Education.  p. 180

Notes.  p. 201

References.  p. 203

About the Authors.  p. 215

A Pedagogy of Place

   by Brian Wattchow and Mike Brown