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A Companion to Philosophy in Australia and New Zealand


Adelaide, University of

Aesthetics (Analytic)

Aesthetics (Continental)

Analytic Feminism

Ancient Philosophy

Anderson, John, and Andersonianism

Apeiron Journal

Applied Ethics

Armstrong, D. M.

Asian Philosophy

Auckland, University of

Australasian Analytic Philosophy (1950s)

Australasian Analytic Philosophy (1960s Onwards)

Australasian Association for Logic

Australasian Association for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science

Australasian Association of Philosophy

Australasian Association of Philosophy, New Zealand

Australasian Journal of Philosophy

Australasian Society for Ancient Philosophy

Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy

Australian Aboriginal Philosophy

Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics

Australian Catholic University

Australian National University, Faculties Philosophy Program

Australian National University, History of Ideas Unit

Australian National University, Research School of Social Sciences

Australian Philosophers in Ghana (1949–61)

Australian Society of Legal Philosophy

Automated Reasoning Project

Baier, Annette C.

Ballarat, University of


Body, The

Bond University

Canberra Plan

Canterbury, University of


Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics

Charles Sturt University

Classical Logic

Clinical Ethics

Cognitive Science



Consciousness, Metaphysics of


Cresswell, Maxwell J.

Critical Philosophy Journal

Critical Thinking

Deakin University



Environmental Philosophy

Ethics Centre of South Australia

Evil, The Problem of


Existentialist Discussion Group and the Existentialist Society

Exploring Meinong’s Jungle and Beyond

Feminist Bioethics

Feminist Philosophy

Flinders University

Flinders University Centre for Applied Philosophy

French Philosophy


Gavin David Young Lectures

German Philosophy

Grosz, Elizabeth

Hart, Kevin

Hursthouse, Rosalind


Identity Theory of Mind

Induction, The Problem of

Jack Smart Lecture

Jackson, Frank Cameron

James Martineau Memorial Lecture

La Trobe University

Laws of Nature

Lewis, David, in Australasia

Lincoln University

Lloyd, Genevieve

Mackie, J. L.

Macquarie University

Maori Philosophy

Martin, C. B.

Marxist Philosophy

Massey University

Materialism, Australian

Medical Ethics

Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy

Melbourne, University of

Melbourne, University of, Department of History and Philosophy of Science


Metascience Journal

Modal Logic

Monash Bioethics Review

Monash University

Monash University Centre for Human Bioethics

Moral Psychology

Murdoch University


Newcastle, University of

New England, University of

New South Wales, University of

New South Wales, University of, School of History and Philosophy of Science

New Zealand Association of Rationalists and Humanists

New Zealand Society for Legal and Social Philosophy

Non-Classical Logic

Normative Ethics

Notre Dame (Australia), University of

Okin, Susan Moller

Orr Case

Otago, University of

Passmore, John

Pateman, Carole


Pettit, Philip


Philosophical Methodologies

Philosophical Psychology

Philosophy, Drama and Literature

‘Philosophy for Children’ (Australia)

‘Philosophy for Children’ (New Zealand)

Philosophy in Primary Education

Philosophy in Professional Education

Philosophy in Public Spaces

Philosophy in Secondary Education

Philosophy of Biology

Philosophy of Education (Australia)

Philosophy of Education (New Zealand)

Philosophy of History

Philosophy of Language

Philosophy of Law

Philosophy of Mathematics

Philosophy of Mind (Analytic)

Philosophy of Mind (Continental)

Philosophy of Politics

Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of Science

Philosophy of Sport

Philosophy of Statistics

Place, U. T.

Plunkett Centre for Ethics



Price, Huw

Priest, Graham

Princeton University and Australasian Philosophy, Links Between

Prior, A. N.


Psychoanalysis and Philosophy

Queensland, University of

Rationalist Society of Australia


Relevant Logic

Res Publica Journal


St James Ethics Centre

Singer, Peter

Smart, J. J. C.(‘Jack’)

Smith, Michael

Social Philosophy

Socratic Dialogue

Sophia Journal

South Australia, University of

Space and Spacetime

Sterelny, Kim

Swinburne University of Technology

Sydney Push

Sydney Society of Literature and Aesthetics

Sydney, University of, Department of General Philosophy

Sydney, University of, Department of Philosophy (Origins – 1974)

Sydney, University of, Department of Philosophy (Reunification – 2009)

Sydney, University of, Department of Traditional and Modern Philosophy

Sydney, University of, History and Philosophy of Science Unit

Sylvan (né Routley), Richard

Tasmania, University of

Theological Institutions (Australia), Philosophy in

Theological Institutions (New Zealand), Philosophy in

Theories of Knowledge

Thesis Eleven Journal

Tichý, Pavel


Two-Dimensional Logic and Semantics


Victoria University of Wellington

Virtue Ethics

Waikato, University of

Western Australia, University of

Wittgenstein in the Antipodes

Wollongong, University of

Women in Philosophy

A Companion to Philosophy in Australia and New Zealand

   by Graham Oppy, N. N. Trakakis